So you wish to drop me an email...

Q: What's up?
A: I have no need for body parts enlargements...
...or fake Rolex watches and I do not borrow my bank account to people who wish to temporarily park 43000000 (FOURTY THREE MILLION) dollars on it. Due to the extraordinary amounts of SPAM that I receive day for day, I've finally decided to give in and change my habits by more than just a bit. Don't worry, unlike other people I still do wade through the email in my inbox. At least through part of it. Which brings me to the point: I have some very aggressive settings on my filtering software! If some piece of email carries only the slightest signs of SPAM, it gets thrown into the bitbucket and that is it. So be careful not to lock down your CAPS key.

Q: How can people work around it?
A: Encrypy your email with my public key.
My email is SPAM-filtered using a variety of criteria. But email encrypted with my public key will go through.

Q: How long is this going to persist?
A: Until all Spammers have been thrown into prison...
...and the keys have been thrown away and spamming is considered a capital crime in all civilized countries. Seriously, SPAM is a major problem for netizens like me. Unfortunately, I know of no good way of fighting it. Hence, I can only run away from it. I'll just see how well this new scheme works.